8 ways to become best friends with your cat

Introducing a furry feline into your home is a very special — but also slightly nerve wracking — moment. An array of questions run through your head: will they like their new home? Will they be happy living here? And perhaps the most important, how ...

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Cat needs

Happy cat essentials: everyday essentials your cat needs and where to put them

Introducing a new feline friend into your family? Or perhaps you just want to make sure your current bundle of fluff’s natural needs are met? ...

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Expert Q&A: Cat Rivalry

While some cats do enjoy the companionship of other cats, most tend to be loners at heart. Aggression between cats at home is therefore a common ...

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Understand your cat

How happy is your cat? Take the quiz!

Complete this short quiz to receive an email with "How happy your cat is?".

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Cat habits

Why your cat loves to lay on you

To mark their territory Firstly, don’t forget that cats are wild animals who are used to having to stake out their territory. Lying on your stuff is ...

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Understand your cat

Cat's behavior, or how to understand your cat

You love your cat very much, and sometimes, you feel frustrated when it comes to understanding them...

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